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What to do with your old cell phones?

July 26th, 2017 by

With so many technological advancements happening all the time with smart phones, it can be hard to keep up. Carriers today make it easy to upgrade without having to pay out of  pocket but what can you do with that old phone? Donate it to Cellphones for Soldiers of course!

Pak Mail Beachside is proud to be affiliated with this great organization that makes it easy to get rid of your old phone and have it go to a good cause. More importantly, those who donate can have peace of mind in knowing that any information that might still be on the phone would not be in jeopardy or compromised.

Since 2004, Minutes That Matter program has had a simple mission: to help troops call home, at no charge. More than 300 million minutes of free talk time has been achieved by sending more than 5 million calling cards to servicemen and women funded primarily by the  recycling more than 15 million cell phones. Each contribution worth $5 enables us to provide 2.5 hours of talk time for America’s bravest men and women. Every time. Every one of these precious minutes is possible because of folks who realize the value of an unwanted commodity.

Visit our store at 505 Beachland Blvd. in Vero Beach, FL to donate your old phone; open Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30pm, Saturdays from 10-2pm.  In addition to being a resource for re-purposing old phones we also offer free pickups to help with shipping needs. Whether you swing by to mail a gift to a loved one living overseas or wish to send your favorite antique pieces to a new location as you prepare to move; we are celebrating over 26 years of shipping success and look forward to helping you.

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