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Why Rent a Mailbox?

August 24th, 2017 by

There a several good reasons to rent a mailbox from Pak Mail Beachside and in our area one of the most familiar motivators is that Vero Beach is often a second home destination.  One might love it here but it isn’t the only place they live. It is quite common to winter in Indian River County where sunshine and palm trees decorate the landscape and summer in the Hamptons or Traverse City to enjoy fresh water lakes and Evergreens. Forwarding mail from each address can be tedious and burdensome.

Another widespread reason is the need for ambiguity if you run a small business out of your home. Avoiding having a personal address on the website, business cards and letterhead is essential from a liability standpoint and for safety reasons too.

Renting a mailbox through Pak Mail Beachside is both convenient and affordable.  Our trained staff makes it easy to have packages signed for and safeguarded, addresses updated and key pieces forwarded. Here five of the top reasons to rent a mailbox:

Privacy –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mail box , you don’t have to advertise your home address. This is incredibly useful for small business owners in Vero Beach, Sebastian and throughout the Treasure Coast.  Better still, if a street address is required you are able to use 505 Beachland Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32963 and use PMB with the mailbox # with the mail box number.

Security –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mail box, your packages and mail are kept safe until you arrive to collect your parcels whether it is just a day or a full month while you are away on vacation.

Dependability –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox rental someone is always there to receive important letters or packages.

Efficiency – Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox rental prevents unnecessary trips to the post office looking for that package will be a thing of the past because we will notify you when there are packages in your personal mailbox.

Mobility – Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox, you can move around but your mail doesn’t.  Whether you move from one part of Vero Beach, FL. to another or you go between residences during the year; Pak Mail Beachside’s personal mailbox services will forward your mail to you.

To discuss rates and needs please call the Pak Mail Beachside team at 772-231-0021.

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