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Great Show at the 66th Annual Under the Oaks!

March 13th, 2019 by

This year over 20 new artists were featured in the #2 top rated art show in the nation. Our shipping and delivery tent helped over a dozen customers and artists find the perfect match and create peace of mind in knowing these new prized possessions would arrive safe and sound to their final destinations.

Whether at an art show or something you have had in your family for generations, Pak Mail Beachside specializes in fine art shipping and is here to help. We provide free pick up if the item is too big or fragile and always free estimates so you know ahead of time if shipping and packaging your art is a good fit.

Trust Pak Mail Beachside to provide proper crating, packaging and insurance to get your items to anywhere throughout the globe. Fine art shipping is just one of the services we provide and we are thrilled to have been offering this service and others for the past 30 years. Call 772-231-0021 today.

Let Us Ship Your Furniture!

February 4th, 2019 by

Have you fallen in love with a vintage piece of furniture at a local store? Want to send a family heirloom to a loved one who lives outside of the area? No matter the reason, the need to send just a single piece of furniture or even an entire set exists but getting it to its destination can be a hurdle…that is if you don’t call your shipping experts at Pak Mail Beachside.

We understand the importance of having that perfect item in your home and we know how to get it to where it needs to go. To make it even easier, Pak Mail Beachside provides free pick-ups at the place where the furniture is to ensure it’s safe travels to its ultimate destination.

Whether it is or piece or many, Pak Mail Beachside will properly box or crate your furnishings so they arrive on time and intact. Call us today for an estimate or to schedule your pickup. 772-231-0021

Always happy to help ship furniture and provide free pick up.

New Services Available

December 21st, 2018 by

Make Your Keys with Us Please!
Think about how much easier your day’s errands just became if you come to our location for keys. Whether it is making a spare for a guest or a new set for yourself, we are here to help with plenty of fun and standard options available.

Preserve and Protect Your Documents!
Documents as large as 11″x17″ can now be laminated in just minutes. From artists prints to birth certificates and everything in between, the Pak Mail Beachside team can handle all your laminating needs in house.

Free Gift Wrapping up to 3 packages year round and remember we now ship wine!

Extended Holiday Hours!

November 16th, 2018 by

With the holidays upon us, Pak Mail Beachside understands the need to be open for more hours to help get all the wonderful gifts and care packages to their final destinations on time. Come by with your packages and enjoy delicious Rio Coco coffee and fresh cookies as well as free gift wrapping for up to three gifts per order.  Not only will the smell of fresh cookies and our friendly staff make you happy you chose our store to ship your goods, so will our festive decorations and lights!

Items too big or heavy? Pak Mail Beachside offers free pickups throughout Indian River County. To schedule your or discuss shipping rates please call us ta 772-231-0021.Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Now Offering New Services!

October 30th, 2018 by

We are now offering several new services such as:

Gift Wrapping (up to 3 free with shipping)

Wine Shipping (share that perfect bottle with ones you love, we make it easy)

Key Making (no need to run mainland, come visit us for all your key needs and you will love the choices!)

Notary (open 6 days a week, we can notarize any documents you may need without the hassle)

Laminating (from place mats and holders to artist prints and more, preserve and protect documents with ease)

Plus free pickups for your big and bulky or fragile pieces. Better still, short lines for when you come in as we are staffed and ready to make your shipping experience a delightful one when you visit our store located at 505 Beachland Blvd. in Vero Beach, FL.

We are hiring!

October 17th, 2018 by

Busy season is fast approaching folks! Our freshly paved parking lot is ready for our guest to park with ease and now our team is going to need to expand. Here is what we are looking for:

Pak Mail Team Leader:

Must have good computer typing skills, goal oriented, have retail or demonstrated people skills with references, lots of smiles, excellent communication skills, fast learner, and a self-motivator. This person must be able to perform everything in the store operator position and a combination of the next two listings among other items.

Store Operator

  • Keep the store impeccably clean.
  • Work the front counter assisting customers as their needs dictate in a courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly manner with a full knowledge of shipping and packaging methods and options.
  • Responsible to exercise unparalleled customer service
  • Lift packages on a daily basis up to 35 lbs without assistance.
  • Know how to use all equipment in the store – copier, fax, laminator, etc.
  • Keep retail and back room areas well stocked and clean (including the bathroom, kitchen, office, and packing areas). Be sure the retail is properly priced.
  • Follow the “chain of command” with questions and the escalation of a problem speaking first to the operations manager, or marketing manager then the GM, and  if unavailable, then the President.
  • Build crates and complete other specialty shipping jobs as delegated.
  • File daily manifests and paperwork as instructed in Operations manual and management.
  • Handle all mail forwarding and billing on a weekly basis as delegated
  • Place an A&A and other orders as needed and as delegated
  • Handle all Mail Box rental paperwork functions as far as setting someone up for a new box and charging rent and closing a box down.
  • Any other function delegated by upper management.
  • All items discussed in the training manual
  • Put mail in mailboxes each morning before we open as per schedule.
  • Pack all items for full protection as the operations manual outlines and as taught in the training manual.

Know of someone perfect for this position or if it’s you please email your resume to



Ship Your Golf Clubs & Luggage Ahead of Time!

September 11th, 2018 by

Here’s a twist…have your luggage and golf clubs waiting for you at destination.  At Pak Mail Beachside we understand it can be a logistical mess to have to lug your suitcases and golf clubs through the airport. Plus the fees and having to wait until the very end for your items to be returned to you causing to have to wait even longer for your taxi or rental car.

That is why we offer complimentary pickup of your large items and a return ticket for your gear so it can be waiting for you at your hotel and then waiting for you back at home when you return.  By using special boxes and labels, our Pak Mail can ensure your items arrive on time and in tact then help identify where the goods need to be returned to.

To schedule your free pickup or to learn more about this service please call 772-231-0021.

Art Shipping Experts

July 17th, 2018 by

No matter the cost of the art pieces you cherish most, Pak Mail Beachside has a cost effective solution to help them get to their final destination in tact and on time.

Since 1989, Pak Mail Beachside has been helping Indian River County residents with shipping their most prized possessions using a variety of carriers and options that meets the needs of the customer.  With nearly 30 years in the industry we have had the privilege of shipping an array of art including large bronze statues, framed glass, framed canvas, miniature clay figurines and even blown glass sculptures.

So what’s your art that needs to go to a loved one or to your new home? Pak Mail provides free pick-ups to your home or business, no need to package your art, we do that for you and eliminate the hassle of getting it to us. Call today for a free quote and to schedule your art pickup. 772-231-0021

We Ship Furniture!

May 7th, 2018 by

Pak Mail Beachside knows that some pieces are just irreplaceable. When folks move or leave an estate, many furniture pieces are sold with the property. However, many will have that rocking chair or chest of drawers that they can’t let out of the family.

For instances such as that, Pak Mail Beachside is here to help. We can provide you a price over the phone or in-home and offer free pick-up.  This additional service, at no charge, ensures the pieces are secure and properly handled prior to shipping.  Since we represent a number of carriers and offer competitive pricing, we are able to honor our customers requests and target dates for delivery.

Whether it is artwork, bed frame or patio set, we can help you ship your furniture to its ultimate destination. Please call 772-231-0021 for an estimate or to inquire about our other services.

Golf Club Shipping Experts!

April 3rd, 2018 by

Whether you golf on a private or public course, Indian River County offers up some great options. Many even with homes on property for those who wish to live on the courses they enjoy playing the most.  Yet the love for golf doesn’t stop when you leave town to vacation or visit elsewhere, right? Of course not, and when you do decide to play elsewhere having your own clubs can make all the difference in your game.

Pak Mail Beachside understands the need for using your lucky nine iron or driver and we make it easy for them to come along with you wherever you may go.  At Pak Mail we provide free pickups so you don’t have to lug your clubs to our store nor through the airport. We also provide a return sticker which allows you to reuse your box and simply ship your clubs home when you are done.  Best part, coming or going your clubs will be waiting for you at destination wherever that may be.

This month take advantage of our $15 off and call 772-231-0021 to schedule your free pick up today.


Why Choose Pak Mail

Pak Mail Beachside is a full service packing and shipping store as well as a custom crating and freight shipping company. We offer Free Pick-Ups. Request a Free Online Estimate or call us at 772-231-0021.


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