Art Shipping at Its Finest

February 27th, 2023 by

History and memories preserved through careful packing.

From local artists, to galleries across the country, to auction houses and more, Pakmail Beachside works closely with these customers to carefully pack and ship their works of art. Like every item that comes through our store, these precious pieces deserve the most attention and safest delivery. 

We see many customers, locals and visitors alike, who stop in after strolling through the “Art in the Park” event here on the beachside. Some of them find the perfect gift for a friend or family member living in another state, and others lay their eyes on the piece they’ve been looking for to complete their home. 

For most pieces, especially if they contain glass, we double box them in what we call our “picture pack.” We are sure to include glass mask, protecting the picture or print behind the glass. Some framing requires a layer of furniture wrap to protect from any sticking of our next layer, which is bubble wrap. Then we create a custom inner box that fits tightly around the picture. Finally, this inner box floats in the protective cushioning of peanuts inside an outer box. 

We are also highly experienced with crating for larger pictures and canvases. These require a bit extra labor with cutting a custom wood crate to fit your unique piece of art. Crated art shipping is a great option for higher value pieces.

Speaking of value, while our packing practices are exceptional for protecting against damage, we are able to add value coverage to your shipment in the case of damage during transit. It is vital, however, to have a receipt of purchase or recent appraisal in hand as proof of value. This is required in order to insure your artwork. 

Packing and shipping art is one of our many specialties. We understand the significance that many pieces hold, whether it’s been passed down in the family for generations, or if it’s on its way to be showcased in a museum. Our high packing standards are in place to ensure the safe arrival of these pieces so they can be proudly hung and enjoyed for years to come.  

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