Art Shipping Experts!

February 27th, 2018 by

Art is so special and at Pak Mail Beachside we realize that no two pieces are ever really the same.

During March, Vero Beach hosts Under the Oaks; rated #2 in the county as “Best Art Shows.”

We are proud to be able to provide on-site shipping and delivery services over the three day event, this year March 9-11 from 9am-5pm. Come visit our booth!

Not only can we ship art at the event, we are also happy to ship art year round and do for residential customers, museums, galleries and more.

Have art? Want to ship it? We hope to be your one-stop shop providing free pick-ups as needed, packaging and insurance to safe guard those precious pieces.

For a free estimate or more details please call 772-231-0021.

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