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October 17th, 2018 by

Busy season is fast approaching folks! Our freshly paved parking lot is ready for our guest to park with ease and now our team is going to need to expand. Here is what we are looking for:

Pak Mail Team Leader:

Must have good computer typing skills, goal oriented, have retail or demonstrated people skills with references, lots of smiles, excellent communication skills, fast learner, and a self-motivator. This person must be able to perform everything in the store operator position and a combination of the next two listings among other items.

Store Operator

  • Keep the store impeccably clean.
  • Work the front counter assisting customers as their needs dictate in a courteous, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly manner with a full knowledge of shipping and packaging methods and options.
  • Responsible to exercise unparalleled customer service
  • Lift packages on a daily basis up to 35 lbs without assistance.
  • Know how to use all equipment in the store – copier, fax, laminator, etc.
  • Keep retail and back room areas well stocked and clean (including the bathroom, kitchen, office, and packing areas). Be sure the retail is properly priced.
  • Follow the “chain of command” with questions and the escalation of a problem speaking first to the operations manager, or marketing manager then the GM, and  if unavailable, then the President.
  • Build crates and complete other specialty shipping jobs as delegated.
  • File daily manifests and paperwork as instructed in Operations manual and management.
  • Handle all mail forwarding and billing on a weekly basis as delegated
  • Place an A&A and other orders as needed and as delegated
  • Handle all Mail Box rental paperwork functions as far as setting someone up for a new box and charging rent and closing a box down.
  • Any other function delegated by upper management.
  • All items discussed in the training manual
  • Put mail in mailboxes each morning before we open as per schedule.
  • Pack all items for full protection as the operations manual outlines and as taught in the training manual.

Know of someone perfect for this position or if it’s you please email your resume to Susan@Pakmailbeachside.com.



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