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Art Shipping at Its Finest

February 27th, 2023 by

History and memories preserved through careful packing.

From local artists, to galleries across the country, to auction houses and more, Pakmail Beachside works closely with these customers to carefully pack and ship their works of art. Like every item that comes through our store, these precious pieces deserve the most attention and safest delivery. 

We see many customers, locals and visitors alike, who stop in after strolling through the “Art in the Park” event here on the beachside. Some of them find the perfect gift for a friend or family member living in another state, and others lay their eyes on the piece they’ve been looking for to complete their home. 

For most pieces, especially if they contain glass, we double box them in what we call our “picture pack.” We are sure to include glass mask, protecting the picture or print behind the glass. Some framing requires a layer of furniture wrap to protect from any sticking of our next layer, which is bubble wrap. Then we create a custom inner box that fits tightly around the picture. Finally, this inner box floats in the protective cushioning of peanuts inside an outer box. 

We are also highly experienced with crating for larger pictures and canvases. These require a bit extra labor with cutting a custom wood crate to fit your unique piece of art. Crated art shipping is a great option for higher value pieces.

Speaking of value, while our packing practices are exceptional for protecting against damage, we are able to add value coverage to your shipment in the case of damage during transit. It is vital, however, to have a receipt of purchase or recent appraisal in hand as proof of value. This is required in order to insure your artwork. 

Packing and shipping art is one of our many specialties. We understand the significance that many pieces hold, whether it’s been passed down in the family for generations, or if it’s on its way to be showcased in a museum. Our high packing standards are in place to ensure the safe arrival of these pieces so they can be proudly hung and enjoyed for years to come.  

We Ship Furniture!

January 2nd, 2023 by


Have a cherished piece of heirloom furniture to ship to a family member across the country? Maybe multiple pieces, but not enough for a moving company? That’s where we step in, handling everything with white glove care! We often manage estates after the passing of a loved one, with meaningful pieces being shipped to multiple destinations. Our goal is to make this event as smooth a transition as possible, taking off needless stress on you.

Most often, furniture is shipped with our preferred freight carriers. This process typically take between 10 and 14 business days from the time of pick up to delivery. Pricing is based off of total dimensions and weight of your shipment, as well as the distance to your destination. This is a process we take care of in house, and can even work up a rough estimate prior to deciding if freight shipping is the right option for you. 

This service is a great opportunity if you’ve got a piece of furniture that just doesn’t match the interior of your Florida home anymore, but maybe it would fit well the decor of your home up north! Grandfather clocks are also a speciality of ours. Ready to pass it on the next generation? Give us a call with the details, and we’ll work up a quote with the best options to get your larger household pieces on their way.

Your One-Stop Shop for Christmas Shipping!

October 31st, 2022 by

From wrapping gifts to getting your packages delivered on time, come to Pakmail Beachside for full Christmas service, complete with coffee and cookies from your local favorites!

Shipping Christmas gifts this holiday season? Make the experience merry and bright at
Pakmail Beachside! We are your one stop shop when it comes to sending Christmas cheer to your friends and family afar! With your first step in the door, you’ll smell Rio Coco coffee and Cravings cookies out for the holidays!

We provide festive, ready-to-ship boxes and padded mailers for smaller items, saving you the hassle of gift wrapping! And for larger items, did you know we offer gift wrapping services? No more searching for the tape and scissors at home. We’ve got you covered with elegant gift wrapping, complete with a bow on top.

You may be thinking, “It’s much too early to even begin thinking about Christmas gifts!” Our top tip for you this season is to bring in your gifts as soon as you have them ready. The holidays are the busiest time in the shipping world, and you don’t want your gifts arriving after they’re over. We’ll even emboss the package with a “Don’t open until Christmas!” stamp, stirring the anticipation for the lucky ones that get to open it when the time is right. Don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything fragile that’s already wrapped up so we can appropriately pack it.

We will also be participating as a drop off point alongside the Gifford Youth Achievement Center this season! They are collecting Christmas gifts for kids in the community from ages 0-18. They suggest small toys for the younger kids, and gift cards for the older ones. We’ll have a large box to fill starting November 1 through December 15.

Our extended holiday hours will begin Monday, November 28th through Tuesday, December 20th. We will be open Monday-Friday from 8:30-6, and Saturday from 9-4 to meet your holiday needs. So, after you’ve picked out the perfect presents, bring them by our “Elf Wrapping Laboratory” to do the rest, and we’ll have you on your way with coffee and Christmas cookies in hand!

Wine shipping made easy and convenient!

October 1st, 2022 by

Shipping wine can be a hassle, but we make it a breeze! Did you know, we are the only location in Vero Beach who can ship wine and champagne for you? If you have a party coming up, we can also receive your wine, sign for it, and store it for up to a week as you prepare for a good time with friends and family.

Don’t worry about finding the right packaging for your bottles. We are equipped with secure boxes with foam inserts to ensure your wine makes it safely, ready to enjoy. If you’re shipping a bottle or two with other items as well, we will carefully custom pack them among your other items.

There’s a coupe of details to note when shipping wine. An adult signature is required by the recipient upon delivery because the contents of the package contains alcohol. It is important to prepare your recipient and let them know when it is estimated to arrive, so they can be there to sign. We are also restricted to shipping just wine and champagne. We cannot ship beer or liquor of any kind. Finally, depending on the distance your wine is traveling, we recommend shipping by air via overnight or two day express. This reduces time in hot spaces, as well as risk of breaking under pressure of other packages or mishandling. If its final destination is within the surrounding states, ground shipping may be appropriate. 

If you’d like to take advantage of our receiving services, please give the store a call for pricing and further details so we can be prepared for your shipment. Let us take the worry out of shipping wine, so you can simply think about opening a fresh bottle and pouring yourself a glass! 

Public notary, at your service. Signed, sealed, delivered – all at one convenient location.

September 1st, 2022 by

One of our most convenient services we offer that you may not know about is our notary services! Many of our friendly staff are notaries. Have an important overnight document that needs a notarized signature? Is your bank unable to provide notary services? We can do it all at Pakmail Beachside!

There are a few things to note in preparation to notarize your document. Our staff does not provide any advice on the contents of your document. All questions regarding your document should be clarified by your attorney or creator of your document, and you should be fully aware of what you are signing. We are simply there to verify your identity and witness your signature. We may ask to take a glance at your paperwork to make sure there is a designated spot for a notary to sign. If there is no such printed designation, we may not be able to notarize the document since the proper, legal, wordage is not provided.

Our first question to you will be to provide a valid, not expired, photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport to verify your identity. If there are multiple people signing the document, all must be present and provide valid identification. Once we’ve recorded this information, we also need to record the type of document we will be notarizing. Many documents include information to be filled in, in addition to a signature and date. This information may be filled in prior to entering our store, but the signature and date must be left to complete in physical presence of the notary.

Some documents also require witnesses in addition to the notary’s signature. If you have not arranged for witnesses to meet you at our store to provide signatures, on most occasions, we can provide witnesses. Per Florida notary regulation, we charge $10 per notarized signature. We may provide witness signatures for an additional $2 per witness signature.

Signing a notarized document is very important. We are happy to provide this service Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Have ease of mind knowing you can take care of your notarizing and shipping needs all at once at our convenient, friendly location. Your documents are in great hands!

Holiday Hours & Extras

October 22nd, 2021 by

With the 2021 holiday season here, our Pak Mail Beachside team is excited to offer wonderful extras to our valued customers. Starting November 29th-Dececember 21st, we will be open additional hours to help ensure your packages and gifts arrive on time and intact to destinations near and far.

Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm

Best part, when you come in and meet with our hard working shipping elves, you can enjoy delicious, freshly baked cookies and coffee. This year, we are proud to have teamed up with the pastry experts at Cravings ensuring that from Monday November 29th through Christmas bite sized chocolate chip cookies and fresh coffee will be available to our patient and appreciated customers.

If you forget to wrap your items or wish to include some themed gift bags, we will be able to assist with that too. As always, we thank you for your loyalty over the years and look forward to making this a special gift giving season for your and yours. Please be sure to show this ad in order to redeem your $5 off Fedex shipping coupon; happy holidays!

Furniture Shipping: We do it so well!

May 22nd, 2019 by

At Pak Mail Beachside, we understand that when one moves or even passes not all items are worth taking. It is a firm belief of ours to help our customers by getting the most sentimental and precious of pieces to their final destinations.

From grandfather clocks to one’s favorite rocking chair, Pak Mail Beachside can ensure that items are picked up in a timely fashion at no charge, then boxed or crated as needed so that the pieces arrive in tact on time anywhere throughout the globe.

Image may contain: people sitting

Most recently, we have picked up and shipped a collection of dining chairs, antique lamps and heirloom china for a family who lost a loved one and wished to keep all these items in their home in Colorado. We’d love to help you too. Free estimates and questions available for answering at 772-231-0021.

Renting a Mailbox is a Great Idea!

January 6th, 2018 by

There a several good reasons to rent a mailbox from Pak Mail Beachside and in our area one of the most familiar motivators is that Vero Beach is often a second home destination.  One might love it here but it isn’t the only place they live. It is quite common to winter in Indian River County where sunshine and palm trees decorate the landscape and summer in the Hamptons or Traverse City to enjoy fresh water lakes and Evergreens. Forwarding mail from each address can be tedious and burdensome.

Another widespread reason is the need for ambiguity if you run a small business out of your home. Avoiding having a personal address on the website, business cards and letterhead is essential from a liability standpoint and for safety reasons too.

Renting a mailbox through Pak Mail Beachside is both convenient and affordable.  Our trained staff makes it easy to have packages signed for and safeguarded, addresses updated and key pieces forwarded. Here five of the top reasons to rent a mailbox:

Privacy –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mail box , you don’t have to advertise your home address. This is incredibly useful for small business owners in Vero Beach, Sebastian and throughout the Treasure Coast.  Better still, if a street address is required you are able to use 505 Beachland Blvd. Vero Beach, FL 32963 and use PMB with the mailbox # with the mail box number.

Security –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mail box, your packages and mail are kept safe until you arrive to collect your parcels whether it is just a day or a full month while you are away on vacation.

Dependability –Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox rental someone is always there to receive important letters or packages.

Efficiency – Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox rental prevents unnecessary trips to the post office looking for that package will be a thing of the past because we will notify you when there are packages in your personal mailbox.

Mobility – Using a Pak Mail Beachside issued private mailbox, you can move around but your mail doesn’t.  Whether you move from one part of Vero Beach, FL. to another or you go between residences during the year; Pak Mail Beachside’s personal mailbox services will forward your mail to you.

To discuss rates and needs please call the Pak Mail Beachside team at 772-231-0021.

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